Nim (Pumpkin)

Beautiful is an understatement

You are more beautiful, inside and out, then you will ever understand. You are pure love. Pure light.

On her way to the top

There is not an ounce of doubt that you are going to do amazing things in this world. You have talent running through your veins, and a heart that is going to let you take that talent to extreme measures.

You have taught me so much. Your heart holds more wisdom than any human being I know. You are my best friend. You inspire me everyday, and your presence reminds me to smile. You light up the world, Nim. Being around you and watching as you grow has been such a blessing for me. You were the first baby I ever loved – the first baby I ever held in my arms. I owe you my passion for kids. Without you, I would have never known how much I adore children. Without you, I would have never returned to my child spirit.

You have a wonderful family, and loving mother and a hard working daddy. Know that you are loved far beyond comprehension. Know that your everyone around you wants the absolute best life for you. Support is everywhere you look. Love is everywhere you look. Please please don’t ever lose your will to learn and understand.

I am so proud of you. You amaze me more and more everyday, and I am so excited for your future. You have the ability to make a huge impact on this world and you have already started with your family and community. Whatever you can dream up you WILL be able to accomplish. Do not stop. Every person that comes in contact with you will be blessed be your light. Allow your passion to shine in every single moment. Allow the world to see the immense beauty that has encapsulated your soul.

There are just too many things to tell you. But we will start with this. Just remember that wherever you go, and whatever you do, you must bring every ounce of heart and soul with you. Give life your ALL. Know that you are infinite.

I love you.. “Noggin’ .. Duuude..”

-Aunt Z




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