I don’t think you will every know how special you are and I don’t think you really have any desire to know, which is why you have remained so pure.

cody 3

You are the best guy I know in this world and I will never understand why I was chosen to be your sister. I feel so lucky and privileged to have such amazing people in my life, but you especially. You have played one of the most important roles in my life. Though, I have never been surrounded by the best men, I still knew that good men existed; they had to, if you existed.


You, being the only boy in the family, were handed the responsibility of being the “protector” of all the ladies, and I think you have done a damn good job of doing so. To you I owe any bit of patience and truth that I have inside of me.

You have taught me more about life then I ever thought was possible to learn. You have the kindest, purest heart of anyone I know. I don’t know where it came from, but you have a gift; you’ve just had this sense of knowing. You have always been there for me when I needed you most, and I could not be more grateful. It’s as though, if I am truly in need of help, you are already there before I have time to call for help. I hope one day I am looked up to the way I look up to you.

Cody 2

I will never forget you for packing up your entire life and coming to help take care of me. I will forever be thankful for you. You taught me, that when it comes to family, you must be completely selfless. You have always let me lean on you in hard time. You are full of the most amazing wisdom and light and I hope that the world is given the chance to see what an amazing man you are.

Thank you for always being there – for never asking me to be anything more than the person I am. For dropping everything to be there when I needed someone most. For understanding my wandering mind. For all the conversations where you’ve dared me to dive into the depths of the unknown. I will remember every one.

I think you know me better than anyone but you manage to keep all your opinions about me to yourself. You

have discreetly dug deeper inside of me, pulling out knowledge, and confidence I didn’t even know I had. To you, I owe the world. Thank you for everything. You are the reason I am crazy and the reason I’ve found peace in that.

Thank you for opening my eyes to the kind of person I want to be – for the protection and infinite love. I love you always.

-Lil Sis.



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