Barefoot Mama

408672_354859887944641_942452742_nBarefoot Mama,

You have impacted my life is so many ways. Growing up with you has been such an amazing learning experience for me. Everytime I am around you, I am reminded of what is truly important in this life. It is refreshing to have someone around that understands the real beauty of the world.


To you I owe my respect and love  for nature and family. You have established such a beautiful family and you have stopped at nothing to make sure they all have what they need. I hope, and pray that I have just the slightest bit of motherly instincts that you do when the time comes for me to have children.

Brooke and Siser

With us being born so far apart, you have managed to not only be a sister to me, but also a very important role model in my early stages of growing up. At times, you managed to mold yourself into the motherly figure I needed in my life; I know it couldn’t have been easy for you. You had to learn, so quickly, what was needed in order for a child to be raised properly. I am so grateful, and so sorry that you got stuck with that job sometimes. I hate knowing that I took up such a big portion of your teenage, and adult years. I think we can both agree that it is nice, now that I am older, to have you back as a sister.

I will never forget when you got married. I was so young on the day of your wedding, and I could not stop crying!I was so certain that my life would never be the same; that I would never see you again. I thought I was losing the one person in this world that I could really count on. But, just liked you promised, that never happened. With your marriage came the most amazing family that I could have ever asked to be put into my life. Your love, and your children have inspired my life in so many amazing ways, more than I could ever express or even comprehend. As I get older, I understand it all more and more. And everyday I grow more grateful to have you as a sister.


Besides being such an amazing mother, you are so unbelievably talented on top of that. you have the ability to see beauty in everything, taking something some people would deem hideous and turning it into a work of art. You have a true eye for art, and beauty.Your blog, Barefoot Five, is genius and has inspired so many people out there in the world. You should be so proud of all you have accomplished; I sure am.

I have a different relationship with you then I have with anyone else in this world. We don’t always get along. We have our different opinions about different things, and we both are hard-headed and stubborn which makes things difficult sometimes. But, you see things in me that not everyone sees. You know that I have the ability to do great things, and you don’t want to see me do anything less.  I thank you so much for seeing all that you do in me; for always pushing me to be better without ever putting me down. You have played a huge role in the person I am today, and I am so, so grateful. Thank you.

I love you forever and always

It has been such a pleasure learning from you,



Brooke 3


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