Moving for Standing Rock 

Really so beautiful to see that the few people that know about Standing Rock here in Australia are actually taking action. I went to a really gorgeous dance of prayer gathering for Standing Rock the other night that was organized by the man who does all the Ecstatic dance gatherings here. 

Movement has always been my medicine and it felt so good to be given the space to really give all of myself to this incredible calling. 

I moved with the water all night — 
one by one, dancing in the eyes of every militant man, saying with as much truth as I could muster,

“I love you, but you shall not pass..  I understand. I’m sorry. I love you, but you shall not pass..” 

Then, I held the hands and kissed the cheeks of the children, grandparents, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters of Standing Rock. 

Stomping my heels into the ground, I let the sounds escape me as both my body and my spirit went on a journey. 

I danced until I felt like I had nothing left. And then, I danced more. 

Feeling the exchange of love between my feet and the earth, myself and the people, my breath and the music. 

Feeling the vibrations of the ones who danced around me – allowing their movements to fuel my own, in return fueling theirs. 

An incredible flow of love. 

Community — 
the fucking phenomenon of community!  What power there is in coming together!! 

I felt so right there with them — 
with the people of Australia who gathered and with the people of Standing Rock. 

I WAS right there. 

We all were. 

Connected and in-tune. 

One massive breath.

I am still there..

In my dreams, 

In my dance,

In my song,

In my prayer 

In my heart, 

In my spirit.. 

In this very moment, I am standing.
I, and you, are amidst a beautiful unfolding. 

What a brilliant time to be alive. 

What a brilliant time to transform. 

Cheers to the new. 

Love, Z 


Embrace it 

Don’t forget to stop.
Don’t forget to breathe.
Don’t forget to sit in the beauty that embodies you in every moment.
The world keeps spinning and transformation keeps occurring.
Change and creation never cease to unfold.

We have this magical ability to guide creation and change where we want it to go – we just have to get present to what is. We just have to stand in what we wish to receive RIGHT NOW!

If we aren’t clear about what it is that we desire, then change just shows up, in the chaotic form that it exists within the misalignment of our spiritual, mental, and physical bodies.

As soon as you know what you want, it already exists. 

If you’ve been wishing for harmony, stop wishing, and stand in harmony. See harmony. Embody harmony. 

If you’ve been seeking love, 
stop seeking, and start existing in love. 

Dance with it. 

Flow with it. 

Let it hold you. 

Let your desires, your goals, and your dreams live fully within you. 

No matter how out of reach your truth may seem, if you can see it — if you can feel it and know it — then the possibility already exists fully in the moment.

Everything you ever desired is already right here, right now.

Embrace it 🌻

Love, Z (your saltwater moon babe)

Now vs. Chaos 

The world has a way of dragging you into the chaos doesn’t it? It has a way of making the little things seem like an end all.

Our culture has established a way of being that moves beyond fast – it leaves us in a constant thought of “what’s next?”  

We hardly ever stop to experience what is. 

Getting lost in the motion is an experience in itself – I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing to feel overwhelmed or confused by the everyday needs of life.
But it is so important to establish techniques of drawing yourself back to what you are here, on this earth, to be. 

I think it’s essential that we maintain the ability to observe the insignificance of our inner voices.
The voices that make you a victim to life – the ones that are constantly telling you it’s not good enough. 

“What you have is not good enough..”

“Who you are is not good enough.”

“The people around you aren’t good enough.”

The voices that tell you that happiness lies in your future.. 

“When you complete that project..”

“When you lose that weight..”

“When you meet the right lover..”

“When you have a better job..”

“When you have a bigger house..”

No, my dear. 

Happiness does not exist in your future.

It simply exists. Right now. 

All you have to do is choose it. 

Bathe in it. 

Let it wrap you up and kiss you gently. 

In this very moment, there is nothing you need. 

You have everything. 

When you go too far into that mind, it seems impossible to access what you love. 

From someone who knows, let me tell you, it’s not. It doesn’t matter how completely lost, or broken, that you feel. 

In just a single moment, in just a single breath, you can transform your whole sense of self. 

Let go of the comforts of chaos and get present to who you are and what you love. 

You know what you love.. Do that! 

Let the voices talk, hear them. And then speak beyond them into your reality. 

Affirm your greatness. 

Take your shoes off, place your feet upon the earth, and let your lungs inflate. Let your eyes see the colors that embody you and surround you. Feel the sensation of the blood pumping through your body. Feel the sun touch your face and the wind tickle your neck. Hear the vibrations of the life that surrounds you. Acknowledge the magic of life. 

Happiness is here and it needs company. 

All are welcome. 

Love, Z (your moon babe) 

Our Freedom

I am clear that I am my own. 
My own word, my own reality, my own truth. 

I am clear that you are yours. 

I am clear that I am nothing without you,

you are nothing without me. 

We do not know ourselves 

until we know each other. 

I cannot see myself

without your reflection. 

I cannot be heard 

without listening to you. 

You are the voice 

that sings in the silence 

You are the answer 

that I needed to find. 

This journey was not 

meant to be had alone. 

I don’t get anything 

unless you have everything. 

My suffering does not end

Until you’re suffering has ended. 

I stand for your freedom. 

Knowing your freedom 

equals my own. 

Love, Z (your moon babe)

Dear Ladies,

Contrary to what we’ve been taught,it’s really alright to feel beautiful. 

It’s really okay to know your greatness. 

In truth, it’s crucial! To thrive, we must exist in acceptance and love. This includes, and starts with, our own self. Our own body and mind and spirit. 

To all the ones who call you self-indulged, 

let them. I say, indulge in yourself. 

Find the fire that burns for who you are. 

Love yourself beyond judgments and recognitions. Love yourself to fulfillment.
Because we don’t know love 

until we’ve loved ourselves. 

And we don’t know beauty 

until we’ve seen it within. 

You are a fabulous human. 

Uniquely beautiful,

A fucking detailed piece of art. 

Embrace that luscious capsule of skin and bones! 

Love yourself all over 🌻
Love, Z (your moon babe)

If You Hurt 

If it hurts, let it.
If you feel pain and you don’t know why
Then don’t know why.
Don’t seek a reason,
There are too many.
Too many reasons to suffer
Too many reasons to lose yourself.
Too many reasons to say “fuck this”
It’s no ones fault,
it’s everyone’s.
If you wish to experience sadness,
Experience it.
Don’t make it good or bad.

Make it a choice.
A conscious choice to sit with pain.
Swim in the waters, but do not drown there.
There are much better ways to go.
Somewhere deep, you must know that you will not stay.
You must know that you do not belong there.

Know that you will come back.
You will return to the sea of everything – where pain is just a single drop.
Where it’s not always perfect
but it’s always beautiful.

Because you are not just pain.
You are pure and perfect love.
You are darkness and you are light.
You are both tears and laughter
Sometimes clumsy, sometimes graceful.
Sometimes you nail it,
Sometimes you miss completely.

It’s beautiful just the same.

You are ALL,
Here to experience the infinite.
Come back.
Experience the everything that is you.

Love, Z (your moon babe) #letterstoself


Every morning when I wake up, I affirm my responsibility to share my truth with others. 

Everyday, I remind myself why I am here. 

I remind myself of the purpose that I chose for this life and I declare myself ready to be heard.
I have dedicated my social media to sharing my heart – my experiences, my stories, my transformations, my truth. I understand that media is the greatest way to reach the masses and I choose to take part in the transformation of humans. I choose to be a space of empowerment. 
Social media is not my place to hide behind the highlights of my life. It’s my place to create. It’s a tool that I use to access the hearts of others. 
I want the world to know the depths of who I am because I am clear that to make a real difference for others, you must reveal your truest self. 
It doesn’t always come easy. It doesn’t always feel safe to share myself in a place that every single person has access to. 
And sometimes, I don’t. Sometimes I hold on to pieces of myself until my inner voice says, “it’s time.” 
Please know, nothing I say is true. 

It’s only my own. 

I declare nothing except that which gives me life. The more I know, the clearer I become that I don’t really know anything at all. 

I am not here to convince anyone of anything – I’m here to share. 
Thank you for listening. 

Thank you to the people who actually stop and read the words that come through me, whether it be few or many. 
I see you. 
I love you. 
You hold the space for me to do this. 

To pour myself out to the world. 

To bleed truth in ink. 
Love, Z (your moon babe)