My Truth

We all have the right to our own truth – the right to our own answers to the best questions.
Because the only thing to know is that no one really knows. Maybe our journey is about finding the peace in that – in the unknown – in everything and in nothing. All we have is right here – right now. All we have is this very breath and the breath that encompasses us… So, breathe deep. Take it all in – let it nourish every ounce of your being. And then let it go – don’t hold on -give it back… Give life – give love – to that which feeds your soul. Find balance. Create balance. Work together with ALL there is – let go of right and wrong. Be and let be.


This is my truth… My reminders..

  • Sometimes you have to lose yourself in order to stumble upon who you really are, and sometimes you have to hurt to realize how much you are loved.
  • Taking what does not belong to you is not the same as fighting for what you want.
  • Money is not the most important thing, it is simply a necessity in our current world.
  • There is a difference between educated, and intelligent.
  • You would learn more from sitting under a tree then you could in a classroom
  • Hatred is never the solution.
  • Cuss words are beautiful when used correctly
  • Naked is best way to dress
  • It’s okay to get dirty
  • Love yourself fully
  • Dance with your darkside
  • Allow your light to shine
  • Love conquers all.
  • It is okay to contradict yourself – allow yourself to see ALL
  • Music soothes the soul.
  • A smile will keep you going.
  • A grateful heart will keep you honest.
  • The truth will keep you pure.
  • In order to live life right, you must except that others will live theirs differently.
  • You don’t have to know everything, you just have to be..
  • No judgement. Your truth isn’t necessarily the truth.
  • Don’t look back. If you spend the present time dwelling on the past, instead of changing your future, then you can count on your future looking a hell of a lot like your past.
  • Anger, tears, and sadness are a part of life, but shouldn’t be overused.
  • Let yourself cry
  • Fear is just the shadow of doubt. Do not doubt, and you will no longer fear.
  • There is a time and place for everything.
  • Dreams are little hidden messages that you should pay attention to.
  • Contentment will attract happiness and Happiness needs company.
  • There is so much to learn about this life, and always something to be discovered.
  • Time shouldn’t be wasted, embrace every moment.
  • Confidence will side with she who dares.
  • Simplicity is the key to open all the doors.
  • An open mind will lead you to a whole other world, and so many more after
  • Your heart knows you best. If you really wanna know who you are, just listen. that.

And lastly,

  • You cannot exist without your shadow. You cannot thrive without ALL of you. Except every part of who you are.


My favorite words on Truth by Jeff Foster,

“I do not believe in anything.
I have no religion.
I have no god, including the gods of money, science and atheism.
I hold no fixed theories about reality, including that one.
I see heaven and hell, karma, reincarnation and the search for enlightenment as beautiful fairy tales.
I have no guru, no lineage, no teacher, and so everything teaches me.
I see doubt and profound mystery as my most trusted companions.
I walk no path except the one appearing directly in front of me.
I have no home except this sacred moment.
I trust nothing at all, except whatever happens.
I find no meaning in life except the fearless living of it.
I know that today could be my final day.
I feel grateful for all that was given and all that was taken away.
I see the inherent limitation of language and yet love to play with it.
I see the joke in using the words “I”, “me” and “mine” and yet delight in using them.
I realise that I am not my story, and realise that even that isn’t true.
I find it impossible to say anything about myself, for experience is constantly changing.
I find it effortless to talk about myself, for who I am never changes.
I know that on the deepest level I am profoundly equal to you.
I know that these sentences are pale imitations of truth.

I do not believe in anything.
I have no religion.
Except the in- and out- breaths.
And endlessly deepening wonder.”



Love yourself fully,



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