My Personal Statement

My Wish

My Wish.


I write with the knowing that 
someone out there is listening. 

Consisting of many invigorating journeys, my life has been the epitome of constant change. I have lived the wonderful life of a gypsy, living in 27 different forms of a “home,” changing schools ten times, and learning a great deal from my surroundings.

I have lived a crazy, stressful, yet wonderful and passion-filled life that is surrounded by love. I will never understand why I was placed into such an amazingly passionate, and talented family, but I am so grateful to be able to wake up every morning knowing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Along with my family, I try to stay as naive as I can to the debacle we are currently surrounded by; happiness and laughter is the path that I have chosen for myself. When I found that I had too much to say to the world than I could ever speak with just simply words, dance, writing, photography, acting, art and music became other forms of communication for me.

Life is like a long, exhilarating book. No good story lacks road blocks, or challenges, and neither does mine. With a unique, straight-forward and colorful cover, the contents of my book are far from perfect. But, when it comes to my book, I do not desire perfection because I know it does not exist; I strive for honesty and pure greatness. There is more character and life between my book covers then even I, with a creative mind that is constantly working, could have ever created on my own.

I have had the privilege of learning lessons a bit earlier than normal, feeling prepared for anything that may come my way; however, I don’t feel I have learned enough. There are so many pages in my book that are waiting to be written, so many lessons to be shared. My story does not end here; it has simply started a new chapter that is awaiting a beautiful journey. I want nothing less than to leave my book, with a happy ending, to the world and maybe inspire a few a long the way.(:

I can not tell you how to be happy, for that you must discover on your own. But, for me, happiness comes from hard work, good music, and contentment.

-Blueyed Gypsy



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