The Power of Woman

I woke up, put on a hat, and hesitated putting on pants. 

You know when you find an outfit that just feels like a genuine expression of how you feel? 

That’s how I felt. 

I put pants on in the end, so I could walk to the coffee shop undisturbed. 

Sitting here now, listening to the girl next to me at the crowded coffee shop tell her friend about the importance in finding fulfillment and love within yourself before attempting to manifest a significant other. 

She was nailing it so hard that I had to turn around and give her a high five. 🌻 

Never underestimate a woman who stands in the power of all that she is. For when they know of their power, they know everything. 
Make sure to stop and acknowledge the women who are doing it — the women who are walking through the storm and claiming their strength and ability to create.

When you come across them, take it as an affirmation for the both of you — you’re doing something right. Keep on. 

Z (your moon babe)


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