Moon Babe in Cancer

I got a message from my mom asking, 
“How are you weathering this Cancer full moon with such grace?” 
I literally laughed out loud. 
Full moon in Cancer. 
Of course it is. 
I recalled how I spent the last few days — how I felt, how I acted, what I’ve done. 
Building up to the full moon, I camped, with my adopted family, at the tip of South Australia.
I slept in a one person Swag beneath the stars — it felt like a shell and I was happy when the space opened for me to retreat, unseen, into it. 
I spent my evenings tucked beneath my sun tapestry, with a little lantern light, getting present with my truth as I went through all my past writings, picking out the ones that felt right to share with my online community. 
I spent the day of the full moon adventuring at the beach with the kids — revealing tiny crabs from underneath rocks and then returning them to their home. 
That night, it was colder than it should be in an Australian summer and everything was still damp from the night of rain we received before. The kids were fussy from long days with little sleep so their mom decided to go back to their Grandparents house nearby to sleep for the night. 
There was some sense of sadness that I felt to leave my physical shell behind — it felt like it was something I needed — but I wanted to go along so that I could help with the children that next morning. 
As we rode home, I remained in silence. 

I could feel something pulling at my heart strings. 
When we got to the house, I said goodnight, and found my way into the night to sit alone under the moon. 
Heartbreak. Loneliness. Fear. Betrayal. Anger. Pain. 
They came and then they went in their own time, one after the other – like waves, rising to their peak and then crashing down to join the gentle flow of the oceans entirety. 
And I rode each one, letting the tears fall as they needed to, knowing that my truth stands strong beneath it all — knowing that the shore was sure to come — knowing my breath would find its rhythm. 
And here I am. 
Alive and in love. 
Slowly making my way back out of my shell – in my own time. 
Love, Z (@yourmoonbabe)


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