The Power of Woman

I woke up, put on a hat, and hesitated putting on pants. 

You know when you find an outfit that just feels like a genuine expression of how you feel? 

That’s how I felt. 

I put pants on in the end, so I could walk to the coffee shop undisturbed. 

Sitting here now, listening to the girl next to me at the crowded coffee shop tell her friend about the importance in finding fulfillment and love within yourself before attempting to manifest a significant other. 

She was nailing it so hard that I had to turn around and give her a high five. 🌻 

Never underestimate a woman who stands in the power of all that she is. For when they know of their power, they know everything. 
Make sure to stop and acknowledge the women who are doing it — the women who are walking through the storm and claiming their strength and ability to create.

When you come across them, take it as an affirmation for the both of you — you’re doing something right. Keep on. 

Z (your moon babe)


Moon Babe in Cancer

I got a message from my mom asking, 
“How are you weathering this Cancer full moon with such grace?” 
I literally laughed out loud. 
Full moon in Cancer. 
Of course it is. 
I recalled how I spent the last few days — how I felt, how I acted, what I’ve done. 
Building up to the full moon, I camped, with my adopted family, at the tip of South Australia.
I slept in a one person Swag beneath the stars — it felt like a shell and I was happy when the space opened for me to retreat, unseen, into it. 
I spent my evenings tucked beneath my sun tapestry, with a little lantern light, getting present with my truth as I went through all my past writings, picking out the ones that felt right to share with my online community. 
I spent the day of the full moon adventuring at the beach with the kids — revealing tiny crabs from underneath rocks and then returning them to their home. 
That night, it was colder than it should be in an Australian summer and everything was still damp from the night of rain we received before. The kids were fussy from long days with little sleep so their mom decided to go back to their Grandparents house nearby to sleep for the night. 
There was some sense of sadness that I felt to leave my physical shell behind — it felt like it was something I needed — but I wanted to go along so that I could help with the children that next morning. 
As we rode home, I remained in silence. 

I could feel something pulling at my heart strings. 
When we got to the house, I said goodnight, and found my way into the night to sit alone under the moon. 
Heartbreak. Loneliness. Fear. Betrayal. Anger. Pain. 
They came and then they went in their own time, one after the other – like waves, rising to their peak and then crashing down to join the gentle flow of the oceans entirety. 
And I rode each one, letting the tears fall as they needed to, knowing that my truth stands strong beneath it all — knowing that the shore was sure to come — knowing my breath would find its rhythm. 
And here I am. 
Alive and in love. 
Slowly making my way back out of my shell – in my own time. 
Love, Z (@yourmoonbabe)

Don’t Keep Calm, Carry on. 

One thing I’ve learned from the work that I do with children is that there is nothing empowering in telling a person to “calm down.”

You’re basically telling them, 
“your emotions are not valid.” 

We’ve all done it. 

“calm down,” 

“stop crying”

 “chill out”

“your being ridiculous”

has come out of the mouths of many. 

If that doesn’t work, we resort to distraction. 

We grab a big colorful toy that lights up and we say,

“Here, look at this.”

When we do this, we pass on the pattern of thinking that happiness exists outside of us — that fulfillment lies in world of materials — that who we are isn’t good enough. 

No transformation can occur when we repeatedly teach our children, generation after generation, to suppress their emotions. 

There is no greater reflection of the state the world is in than a child throwing a tantrum for no known reason.

It’s directly related to our own personal resistance to change. To distract someone, or invalidate someone’s feelings, is a selfish coping mechanism – a cop out. It’s a way to avoid responsibility for the state of consciousness that we currently stand in. 

To suppress our fear or anger or sadness — to appear calm and collected for society as we are internally tormented — not only causes disease, emotional disorders, social disorders, mental disorders, and illness, but it also feeds the stagnant, lifeless, way of being that we, as a human race, have been trapped in for far too long. 

And since we work so hard to look like we have our shit together, we expect everyone else to do the same! 

We are so focused on looking good, being accepted, and being liked that we have been literally making ourselves sick with our own emotions. 

The question is, who created the status quo?  

And why didn’t we have a say?

In the last 60 years, psychiatrists have added, above the original 106, almost 200 more mental illnesses to the DSM. There is currently a 50% chance of being diagnosed with a mental illness as an American Citizen. 

What the actual fuck. 

Since when did we all agree that it’s not okay to feel?

And instead of being given the skills to understand our emotions, we are given skills to suppress them — numb them. 

We’ve been programmed, by ourselves and others, with food and drugs and distractions, to avoid our inner voices — to turn off our ears to the essence of our being. And we’ve learned this skill so well, and at such an early stage, that we don’t even realize we are doing it. 

It’s comfortable for us. It’s normal to us.

The need for acceptance and acknowledge, and the pain that comes with that, is all we’ve ever known. We can’t see the inauthenticity because we’ve never seen authenticity.

It’s become acceptable to live a whole life never truly knowing who you are. 

And everyday that we live half alive, we add to the chaos and destruction of this planet

We are given tools of survival. 
But why aren’t we given the tools to thrive? 

Why aren’t we teaching our children how to love and integrate all aspects of who they are, so that they can live this life powerfully and full?

Why is it that only part of who we are is accepted in society? 

Because when we are whole and complete, we are powerful beyond measure. 

When we have access to our intuition — when we can clearly hear our inner voices — we can create anything. We no longer need materials and medications to make us happy. We no longer need people outside of us to tell us who we are. 

The current system will have no use to us. 

I say, lets do it. 

Enough is enough. 

It’s time. 

It’s time to pull back the layers. 

It’s time to reveal the core. 

It’s time to cry, to wail, to kick and scream. 

It’s time to feel

And let the children feel. 

Transformation lies in the ability to see all that exists within you. 

Acknowledge the chaos. 

Hear it. 

Speak with it. 

Get to know it. 

Your fear and anger and sadness is valid. 

Let it come forth and embrace it with love. 

Allow for your curses to be turned into magic. 

Allow this innate ability to feel deeply to be integrated back into your life with strength and power and love. 

Call forth a tribe who will hold space for you to lose your ground so that you may find your wings. 

It’s a beautiful gift that we have as human beings —
to feel

Don’t keep calm, my darling. 

Carry on. 


Z (your moon babe)

You and I

I knew this day would come.

I saw how you were making your way out

Of the deepest corners of my mind. 

I saw how I was letting you go. 

I felt your voice become quiet, soft, weak.. 

Until one moment, I spoke of you, 

And I realized you were just a story —

A distant memory. 

I tried to find you — to embody you. 

I tried to access your voice.. 

But I only heard my own. 

It felt necessary for you to go. 

I knew it had to be. 

I thought we’d have more time together. 

I thought you’d still be here —

to hold me when I felt alone, 

To let me bathe in pain and 

Give me reasons to blame something outside of myself. 

I know it’s wrong now 

But it was comfortable. 

I love you. I miss you. 

At times I want you back –


At times, I wish I could want you back. 

I know that you can no longer exist. 

Because you are no longer me.  

I grieve your passing because I know

This time, you will not return. 

I know, this time, I have set you free. 

Consciously, I let you go. 

Consciously, I purge the death of you. 

Consciously, I do not call you back. 

I see,

I die again in every passing moment. 

Thank you for playing your part. 

Thank you for your reflection. 

You were everything I needed

to be to become who I am. 

And now, I can stand alone 

Because I’ve stood with you. 



Michaela ‘Z’ (your moon babe) 

📸: Santiago Lo Cascio Imaz
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