Where There Is Darkness, Let There Be 

He was her love. 
She was everybody else’s. 
“It’s gotta end,” she said. 
Filling me up just to leave me empty. 
Who gave you the right to my aliveness? 
I suppose it was me. 
Yes, I did that. 
I let myself go dim in the presence of your light. 
And now, I stand in the dark. 
Unable to see, I am forced to listen. 
My spirit speaks,

“Where there is darkness, let there be.” 
So I breathe. 
And I let the night hold me. 
There is something here — 
a deep sense of freedom. 
I think I like it. 
I’m not waiting for you. 
I’m not searching for you. 
I recognize the beauty of it — 
the romance of dependency. 
It’s not for me. 
I see the chord that has attached to my soul. 
With all my love, I cut it — 
leaving empty space between us. 
You’ve played me beautifully. 
And I’ve bathed, naked, in the music. 
Now I’m here. 
Still and silent 
within the chaos of all that I am. 
I’m finding my way – my own way. 
I let the need of you fall with my tears,
Leaving me able to see all the love I didn’t ask for. 
I’m alive, you know. 
Fully alive without your light. 
Fully alive within my darkness. 
Love, Michaela ‘Z’ (your moon babe)


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