I Refuse To Call It, “Coincidence.”

This little butterfly and I have been on a mission to learn how to fly since I arrived to Oz. I’ve never met a child quite determined actually — she truly believes that she can. She must be flying all over the place while she sleeps. In the morning we do “I am” affirmations and every single time I say one for her to repeat, like “I am loved,” she just says back, ” I am a butterfly..” For real life — it’s greatness in its purity. 

Anyway, Christmas is coming up, and I literally spoke out loud to her mama, “I want to manifest the greatest pair of butterfly wings for [her] for Christmas.” I amazoned it, and etsy’ed it, and googled it – but didn’t find anything quite right. 

The other day we passed by a store that had some – they weren’t great but they were at least small enough to fit her well. I told myself that if I couldn’t find anything better I would return there to get them. 

Today, I watched a movie about magical butterflies with Butterfly girl and her sister, Princess Charlie. During the movie, I taught them how to do “butterfly kisses” with eyelashes — like my mother did with me as a child. It was a butterfly filled day, needless to say. 

After the movie ended, I told Nic (mama) that I was going to go to the shop to get the wings because I really felt she needed a pair. 

An hour later, I hear a lady talking to Nic at the door — I couldn’t quite make out what she was saying. 

A few minutes pass and Nic comes up and knocks at my door saying, 

“I think you just manifested these..”

A neighbor had noticed that there were younger girls living here and came by to see if the girls wanted some butterfly wings that she had bought for her daughters who have now grown out of them. There were two pairs — one purple (Charlie’s favorite color) and one red (Butterfly Girls favorite color) — and they were beautiful! 

I have literally just been laughing and smiling about this for the past hour and I had to share! 

What is life?! 😂

It’s one big and beautiful unraveling manifestation, that’s what it is. 
Make sure you recognize this shit in your life.

We are super creators — 

it’s important we don’t forget that.  

Love, Z


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