Since I was a little girl, my favorite thing to do was to take a boat out into the middle of the waters. I felt safe there. At home there — a sea creature at heart. 
My very first awakening was with the water element. It was the very first truth I really saw clearly.
Yes, of course — clean, living water — She is life! 
So sacred. 

So perfect. 
I’ve forever been that girl who carried around a glass bottle that was covered in affirmative stickers and filled with spring water. 

Anyone who knows me well, knows how serious I am about it. You will surely find me holding water to my heart, saying repeatedly “thank you, thank you, thank you..” 
I’ve done so much research on water — digging deep into the real, pure and perfect magic of Her existence.. 

How She holds memory and vibration. 

How She transforms. 

How She flows. 
She is, hands down and clothes off,

the greatest medicine on this planet.
And we, for generations and generations, have been poisoning Her essence and faulting Her perfection. 
Unconsciously and consciously (fuckers), we have slowly, and more rapidly now, been stripping the life out of the very thing that gives us our own. 

What fools we have been, to think, even for a moment, that we are more worthy than Her. 

What destruction we have caused on our own humanity — our own vitality. 
For what?
She cries now. I hear it so loudly. 

My heart aches deeply with her. 
“I love you so much. 

I’m sorry. 

Please forgive us..”
I declare myself a protector of the waters —

I am so beyond clear about that statement.  
I’ve never felt such a fight in me before. 
May the generations to come enter 

a world of clean water and blue oceans.

May they look up in gratitude to their ancestors for listening to the voice of this planet. 
We are being given a chance to transform 

— the time is right now! 
Hear Her ROAR! 

Answer the call. 
Because, let me tell you, my dear. 

She is much more powerful than you or I. 

She is all. 

And She flows on, with or without you. 
Gather around, Water Protectors. 

It’s time to rise — 


crashing down on the depths of greed. 
Come together, 

my sweet Sirens. 
It’s time to sing the songs of the sea. 

It’s time to change the tide. 
Love, Z (your moon babe) 


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