Moving for Standing Rock 

Really so beautiful to see that the few people that know about Standing Rock here in Australia are actually taking action. I went to a really gorgeous dance of prayer gathering for Standing Rock the other night that was organized by the man who does all the Ecstatic dance gatherings here. 

Movement has always been my medicine and it felt so good to be given the space to really give all of myself to this incredible calling. 

I moved with the water all night — 
one by one, dancing in the eyes of every militant man, saying with as much truth as I could muster,

“I love you, but you shall not pass..  I understand. I’m sorry. I love you, but you shall not pass..” 

Then, I held the hands and kissed the cheeks of the children, grandparents, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters of Standing Rock. 

Stomping my heels into the ground, I let the sounds escape me as both my body and my spirit went on a journey. 

I danced until I felt like I had nothing left. And then, I danced more. 

Feeling the exchange of love between my feet and the earth, myself and the people, my breath and the music. 

Feeling the vibrations of the ones who danced around me – allowing their movements to fuel my own, in return fueling theirs. 

An incredible flow of love. 

Community — 
the fucking phenomenon of community!  What power there is in coming together!! 

I felt so right there with them — 
with the people of Australia who gathered and with the people of Standing Rock. 

I WAS right there. 

We all were. 

Connected and in-tune. 

One massive breath.

I am still there..

In my dreams, 

In my dance,

In my song,

In my prayer 

In my heart, 

In my spirit.. 

In this very moment, I am standing.
I, and you, are amidst a beautiful unfolding. 

What a brilliant time to be alive. 

What a brilliant time to transform. 

Cheers to the new. 

Love, Z 


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