Embrace it 

Don’t forget to stop.
Don’t forget to breathe.
Don’t forget to sit in the beauty that embodies you in every moment.
The world keeps spinning and transformation keeps occurring.
Change and creation never cease to unfold.

We have this magical ability to guide creation and change where we want it to go – we just have to get present to what is. We just have to stand in what we wish to receive RIGHT NOW!

If we aren’t clear about what it is that we desire, then change just shows up, in the chaotic form that it exists within the misalignment of our spiritual, mental, and physical bodies.

As soon as you know what you want, it already exists. 

If you’ve been wishing for harmony, stop wishing, and stand in harmony. See harmony. Embody harmony. 

If you’ve been seeking love, 
stop seeking, and start existing in love. 

Dance with it. 

Flow with it. 

Let it hold you. 

Let your desires, your goals, and your dreams live fully within you. 

No matter how out of reach your truth may seem, if you can see it — if you can feel it and know it — then the possibility already exists fully in the moment.

Everything you ever desired is already right here, right now.

Embrace it 🌻

Love, Z (your saltwater moon babe)


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