Now vs. Chaos 

The world has a way of dragging you into the chaos doesn’t it? It has a way of making the little things seem like an end all.

Our culture has established a way of being that moves beyond fast – it leaves us in a constant thought of “what’s next?”  

We hardly ever stop to experience what is. 

Getting lost in the motion is an experience in itself – I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing to feel overwhelmed or confused by the everyday needs of life.
But it is so important to establish techniques of drawing yourself back to what you are here, on this earth, to be. 

I think it’s essential that we maintain the ability to observe the insignificance of our inner voices.
The voices that make you a victim to life – the ones that are constantly telling you it’s not good enough. 

“What you have is not good enough..”

“Who you are is not good enough.”

“The people around you aren’t good enough.”

The voices that tell you that happiness lies in your future.. 

“When you complete that project..”

“When you lose that weight..”

“When you meet the right lover..”

“When you have a better job..”

“When you have a bigger house..”

No, my dear. 

Happiness does not exist in your future.

It simply exists. Right now. 

All you have to do is choose it. 

Bathe in it. 

Let it wrap you up and kiss you gently. 

In this very moment, there is nothing you need. 

You have everything. 

When you go too far into that mind, it seems impossible to access what you love. 

From someone who knows, let me tell you, it’s not. It doesn’t matter how completely lost, or broken, that you feel. 

In just a single moment, in just a single breath, you can transform your whole sense of self. 

Let go of the comforts of chaos and get present to who you are and what you love. 

You know what you love.. Do that! 

Let the voices talk, hear them. And then speak beyond them into your reality. 

Affirm your greatness. 

Take your shoes off, place your feet upon the earth, and let your lungs inflate. Let your eyes see the colors that embody you and surround you. Feel the sensation of the blood pumping through your body. Feel the sun touch your face and the wind tickle your neck. Hear the vibrations of the life that surrounds you. Acknowledge the magic of life. 

Happiness is here and it needs company. 

All are welcome. 

Love, Z (your moon babe) 


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