I will bend when I feel broken and
I will dance when I am grey. 

I will never stop connecting the clouds or seeing patterns within nature – the child within me will never cease to exist. 

I will make love to moments of fear and  I will stand in the truth that is challenged. 

My wealth will be spent with adventure, good food, and the dreams of my tribe. 

I will listen to the ones who don’t understand me and I will hold the ones that do. 

Logic will come – after intuition and passion. I will do that which makes me burn. 

I will pay attention to the moon and I will bathe in every sunset that I meet. 

I will be patient with life, seeing my lessons and collecting my wisdom. 

I will experience, fully, the emotions that flow through me. 

I won’t just wait and see. If I want it, I’ll step toward it, with a knowing I don’t need it. 

When it’s time to let it go, I will. I will love and let love. 

I will give meaning to everything with the knowing that nothing means anything at all. 

With every breath that I have, I will create my version of beauty. 

Because, at the end of the day, I do not wish to say to the little breaths that come next, “I wish I had…” 

But rather, “I did and I still do..” 🌻

Love, Z (your moon babe) 

Beauty Talk  

Alright, ladies! Time to talk beauty! I’m sure you know that the skin is the largest organ of the body. What does that mean? What goes on, goes in! 60% of what you apply to your skin will soon be making it to your blood stream! How Lovely!! A good example of how this occurs would be to look at how birth control and nicotine patches work. 

I hate to say it, babes, but Cancer, specifically breast cancer, did not just fall from the sky! We have a say in our health! Human beings, especially Women, are applying cancer causing chemicals to their entire body every single day. Shampoos, soaps, anti-perspiring deodorant, prescription acne and skin treatments, lotions, sunblock (don’t even get me started), make-ups, perfumes, etc.  

If you look at the body as a machine, it was essentially created to perfection! The lymphatic system is designed to carry toxins to the outside of the body. 

Yes, ladies, we were meant to sweat! Surprise! 

Were we meant to stink though? No, not necessarily! The body is responding to the foods we eat. It’s quite simple – we eat crap, we smell like crap. When we put anti-perspiring deodorant on, aka Aluminum, not only are we trapping the toxins inside the body but we are also adding to the toxic load – causing more odor in the long run. See how they keep you trapped? Ha! Bitches. 

Now what? Well, the body can’t release the toxins through the skin, so it has to create a system of storing it. Essentially, our body creates garbage bins – which we call Tumors. 

We do this with all conventional skin products! It’s messed up actually. You want to believe that we can trust these products that tell us if we use them, we will be more beautiful, more radiant, and more perfect.. Nope! It’s a bunch of shit! Once you start using them, you will be trapped in the world of constantly covering up, and adding to, the toxic system that is your body. 

Awesome news though! There are natural, food grade, organic, non-toxic options for all of these products! 

Best advice I ever received was to not put anything on my skin that I couldn’t put in my mouth! 

This is my new and improved makeup bag! Everything was handcrafted by myself, a family member, or Moon Rise Creek – a trusted small-time creator of herbal and botanical makeup and skin products! Right now, I have a foundation powder, cover-up, and mascara from her that is the bomb! 

My bronzer is made with medical mushrooms – a secret family recipe! (: 

My blush? Beet root powder, mica, and a few other natural minerals.  

My makeup no longer makes me break out. I could fall asleep without scrubbing my face and know that the products on my skin are doing no harm to my body. 

My lotion and sunscreen? 
Organic butter (Shae, Cacao), Cold pressed oil (coconut, grape seed, argan, etc..). Seabuckthorn oil is a great to add to your homemade lotions for some extra sun protection! My favorite thing to use, when it’s available, is an all organic EDIBLE chocolate body butter that my mother has made to perfection. 

Deodorant and Perfume? A good diet, Samahadi incense powder, and essential oils! Get “fragrance” out of your life

There are better options for everything, you just have to dig to find them, or make them your own damn self! It’s gold! 


Products that don’t just mask the toxic system but actually aid in the healing of it! 

It’s time we look into, and research, the cosmetic and beauty products that we have been using on our skin – this includes prescription skin treatments given to you by your “trusted professional.” Throw that shit away! If thats too stressfull, finish up on the things you have and as they run out, buy, or make, a better version of that product!  It’s that simple!

I say, trust no one, but yourself! Educate yourself and make a conscious choice about what you will put on your body! 

Love your body fully! 
Love, Z (your moon babe) 

Advice, from a Womam to a Man

Dear Boys, 
If you really wish to be let in, let her be. 

Give her space. 

Ask for nothing but the everything that she is. 

If you see her dancing, for fuck sake, let her dance. 

Let her exist as her own and let your ego dissolve into the knowing that she doesn’t need you there. 

Experience the rush of wanting something that will never be truly yours. Be okay with that. 

Learn the language of her spine – 

the way she moves, the way she bends. 

See beyond her curves and feel the breath beneath her skin. 

Touch her like she’s sacred and know damn well that she is. 

Speak into her listening and find your power in the way that she stands in her own. 

Never tell her what she wants or who she is. 

Honor her truth and never speak for her to others. 

The moment you think you’re in control, you’ve lost her.
She is not a game to be played, or a fight to be won. 

Her love cannot be taken and her body belongs to no one.
Hold a space for her to be exactly who she is, without expectations. 

Let your desire become her freedom. 

Let her burn and throw yourself into her fire. 

That, my dear, is where the magic happens. 


Z (your moon babe) and all the Women waiting to show you a new world 🌻

Drop it 


Drop it..
Drop the act.. 
Drop the walls you’ve put up to avoid being truly seen – the ones that make you feel trapped in a life that is boundless. 

Drop the weight on your heart that has kept you from moving forward and the bullshit people throw at you about who you should or shouldn’t be..

 Drop the voice in your head that tells you you’re incapable or unworthy of something beautiful..

Let it fall.. Even just for today.. Feel the weightlessness of your breath and the fulfillment of love.. 

And when you drop it, drop it behind you.. Let it stay there as you dance forward.. Don’t wait till tomorrow. 

Don’t wait till tonight. 

Don’t wait for something or someone to come make it better. 

It’s you. 

You’re it. 

Be brave and break free from the comforts of your pain. 

There are places that your soul longs to be – connections it’s craving to have. 


Drop it..

 – Love, Z (your moon babe)

Rise and Shine


Some would say it’s the time for change. I disagree. 

It’s a strange time. 

A time where the cures for the “incurable” are passed in secret. 

Where methods of liveliness are buried treasures – sought out by few and dug up by fewer.

It’s a beautiful time. 
The time of the rising. 

Where humans are asked to test the boundaries of reason and possibility. 

But times have changed 

and a time for change is no longer good enough. 

It’s the time of creation – the start of something brand new. 

It’s the time where life and death exist at the very same moment. 

It’s the gentle song and the scream of awakening coexisting as one breath. 

It’s a broken heart that’s not half full or half empty. It’s the clean slate, the blank canvas – not the one that’s been painted over time and time again.

It’s total emptiness, waiting to be filled with infinite possibility. 

It’s the heart of compassion and the will of a warrior. 

It’s time.. The time to stand together with a power that could stand alone.

Love, Z (your moon babe) 

Today, I affirm. 

Celebrating new beginnings – celebrating breath🌻 
Today, I honor my heart. I honor the deep indescribable truth that flows through me and I choose to let go of all that feels forced. 
I choose to walk amongst the lovers, the goddesses, and the warriors of this earth. I choose to sit with the wise and dance with the passionate.. I choose to both listen, and be heard, by the great teachers, and students, that come across my path today.
I feel the deep love, and commitment, that I have to the children of this world and I choose to embrace my responsibility to exist fully for them in this life! 
I feel the confidence running through my blood that only comes from learning to love every aspect of my existence. 
I feel held by something beyond the physical/tangible world. I am led to be something greater in every single moment that there is breath in my lungs. 
With a voice of gratitude, and a heart of love, I affirm.. I am enough. I am exactly who I need to be and everything is perfect. 
Love, Z  (moon babe) #iaffirm

Not Normal 


Someone recently said to me,

“…I mean, no offense, but you’re not normal..”
Yea.. No shit. That’s the point, isn’t it?

To be something other than what’s always been.. To roar why you have the chance to.. To make a difference by being different.. To change the truth by living into a new one. 

Why would I take another step in someone else’s world when the door to my own is wide open?

I’ll step toward a path that’s never been traveled. 

I’ll stand as a single flower in the forest – with the risk of getting broken or lost. 

Because all we truly have is who we are. 

I will not play it safe just to live another day, with every breath being the same as my last. 

I do not intend to give my life to something outside of myself. 

Normal, my dear, is a dream that never belonged to me. 

I am something else. 

I am someone new. 

I am my own. 

Love, Z (your moon babe)